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14 Aug 2020
Inha University, South Korea

Since 2004, Inha University annually offers a summer school program as a part of its goal to enhance global education. Since then, the program has continued to develop and has been enrinched with more unique and diverse activities, while attracting more participants every year. 

This 3 week short-term, intensive program mainly consists of classroom lectures, visits to corporate sites and field trips to cultural and historic places. Through the coursework, international students will have opportunities to better understand the dynamic aspects of Korean society in the past, present and future. At the end of the program, participants will reciew academic credits and certificates of completion. 

In addition, students will have many opportunities to meet and interact with Korean assistant students during the program and make friends from all over the world. 

For further information: http://summer.inha.ac.kr Or Visit International Office UKI, Lobby Keuangan, AB Building. 

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