A journey of knowledge and cross-cultural exchange. Jayvee Z. Jarata has successfully completed the tutorial class at Universitas Kristen Indonesia, showcasing unwavering dedication and commitment to the learning process.

Kristine Jayde O. Milan and Angela M. Rivera, students from Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), delved into the world of Inferential Statistics with Dr. Tan Hian Nio, SPd., M.MSi. from the Mathematics Education Study Program. 

Science in Business Administration students explored Financial Management with Prof. Ir. Bramantyo Djohanputro, MBA., Ph.D., and deepened their understanding of Microeconomics and Innovation/Product Management with Dr. Ir. Ktut Silvanita, M.A., and Dr. Jummy Bismar Martua Sinaga, ST., MM., respectively. 

Earl John D. Tavor, a Computer Science major, delved into Digital Control Systems and Electric Power Generation with Dr. Tahan Tobing, MSc, and Prof. Atmonobudi Soebagio, MSEE., Ph.D., gaining valuable insights into the world of technology. 

Ching Love J. Gemino and Arlene Nebres expanded their horizons by attending Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) and Public Speaking classes, led by Asri Purnamasari, S.Pd., M.Ed in TESOL, Johannes Eric Joseph, SS., M.Hum., and H.Anggiat M. Hutabarat, Drs., M.Hum., respectively. 

This educational exchange is a testament to the collaborative spirit between DMMMSU and Universitas Kristen Indonesia.

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