Rectorate Building

The rectorate manages and rules the management of the university. It consists of the office of The Rector, Vice Rectors, and administration&management teams of the university.

Student Services Center (SSC) Universitas Kristen Indonesia

Student Services Center (SSC) provides one stop service for students of Universitas Kristen Indonesia. It is located in the AB Building, Cawang Campus.

The support and services include:

- International Office

International Office aims to facilitate international cooperations, hospitality, and mobility programs for students, staff, and faculty members of Universitas Kristen Indonesia. It also assists international students, staff and lecturers in the visa documents process.

- Meeting Room

This is an open access room. Staffs and faculty members are able to reserve the room by appointment.

- Career Center

Career Center provides information for students and alumni related to job and internship opportunities.

- Language Service Center

Language Service Center supports language services for students, faculty members, staff, alumni, and public. The services are translation service, English Proficiency Test, TOEIC Test, and languages courses and workshops.

- UKI Press

UKI Press is an academic publishing house to facilitate the works of faculty members and students of Universitas Kristen Indonesia.

- Souvenir Shop

There are many official merchandise and collections of Universitas Kristen Indonesia such as t-shirts, notebooks, calendars, bags, pins, and many more. Shop now directly to get the price details.

- Student Admission

Student Admission Office provides information on admission, tuition fees, and scholarships to prospective students.

- Academic Administration Service

The trusted place to issue the diploma certificates and original transcripts of the students.

- Student Financial Office

Student Financial Center focuses on serving students and staff include payments, tuitions, refunds.


The Library of Universitas Kristen Indonesia is the perfect place to access journal collections, books, thesis, and learning support with digital access for students, faculty members, and staff. The library is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. For more information about The Library of Universitas Kristen Indonesia you can access visit

The facilities in the library include:

- Private work spaces

There are many private work spaces available for the visitors of the library. Each space consists of one chair and one table in a small chamber along with power sockets to create an intense studying environment.

- Media Room

This room is equipped with a TV, a set of speaker, and chairs for up to 10 persons. The visitors can access the available documentaries and educational movies in the room.

- Journal & Reference Room

The Journal & Reference Room offers encyclopedias and a wide variety of journals on various topics.

- Computer Lab

The full access of internet and one headphone in each computer served to provide the needs of visitors to access the information and international scientific journals such as JSTOR.

- Discussion Hall

The visitors are allowed to have group discussions here. No food allowed.

- Reading Hall

To enter the reading hall, the visitors have to secure their belongings in a locker.

- Bank Indonesia Room

The library provides exclusive economics and business-related books published by Bank of Indonesia.


Sports and Health Center


Sports and Health Center facilitates all-inclusive fitness and gym equipment. Physiotherapy treatment for all members of Universitas Kristen Indonesia is also accessible here.


Student Dormitory is provided for selected undergraduate students with merit-based scholarship given by regionals government and foundations. More than one hundred students live in the dormitory.


UKI Hospital has provided services effectively and efficiently for 59 years. Our priority is to take care of your health by providing the newest breakthrough in health care.


The canteen sets out cozy places to eat and drink. The canteen serves the best home cooked meal for students at affordable prices and equips with clean and sanitized wash sinks.

Reading Park


Complete with lush greenery, Wi-Fi, and power plugs, the reading park is a perfect place to relax and study. The students can also access JSTOR Journals for free by staying connected to the campus Wi-Fi.

Sport Fields

Sport is a key role in keeping good health. Universitas Kristen Indonesia facilitates a variety of fields of volley, basketball, soccer, and badminton with accessible change rooms. Sport fields can also accommodate outdoor events and it is near the canteen.

GWS Hall

Located on the ground floor of Faculty of Medicine, Grha William Soeryadjaya (GWS) is one of the iconic halls of Universitas Kristen Indonesia. The hall can accommodate 500 people with several facilities such as sound systems, TV for monitors, restrooms, and preparation room.

Grand Hall (Aula)

Seminar Room

Institute for Research and Community Service

Institute for Research and Community Service of Universitas Kristen Indonesia contributes in the research by building 7 research centers from diverse fields. For more information, click here:

Spiritual and Counseling Services Unit

Spiritual and Counseling Services Unit in Universitas Kristen Indonesia  facilitates worship activities, fellowship&ministries, Christian peer tutors for students, and counseling activities for students, faculty members, and staffs. 


Campus Parking Lot