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A. Program Overview / Qualifications / Application Schedule

Program Overview

An international exchange student is a student who studies at Myongji University (MJU) for one semester or one academic year after being nominated by his/her home university in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the valid partnership agreement (MOU) signed with MJU. During their study at MJU, international exchange students are:
- Able to participate in special cultural events including Korean cultural field trips at affordable prices.
- Supported by MJU’s International Outreach Student Club (OULAMI) and academic advisors
- Able to earn academic credits
- Able to participate in special summer program with scholarships.
- Able to take intensive Korean language courses at the Korean Language Institute (KLI) with a 30% tuition waiver
(only for Yongin Campus students from the 2020 Spring semester).


Students must meet the following requirements to apply for the international exchange student program in MJU:
- Officially nominated by the home university.
- Completed at least one academic year in the home university.
- Has never been involved in any illegal acts in Korea and in the home country.
- Must meet at least 1 of the followings:
① Already obtained TOPIK Level 3 or passed the MJU Korean Placement test
(For students wishing to take MJU Korean Placement test, please contact your international office)
② Already obtained TOEFL IBT 70 or higher (or IELTS 5.5 or higher)
③ Students who do not meet the above language requirement are only allowed to take the following
courses: Korean language courses offered in undergraduate level (tuition free) or Korean Language
Institute (fee-paying, Yongin only)
④ Proved by his/her home institution that the applicant has sufficient English language proficiency and
appropriate English language knowledge to successfully communicate with the professor and conduct
his/her academic activities in classes.
※ In accordance with the recommendation of the Korean Immigration Office, MJU requires all exchange students who
enter Korea on D-2 Visa to take a minimum of 12 credits (per semester), including at least one regular undergraduate course.
(This regulation also applies to students who take fee-paying courses from the Korean Language Institute)

Application Schedule

Application Deadline : November 30, 2019

For more details : Guideline for Myongji University 2020 Spring Exchange Program


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