Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medicine faculties in Indonesia. It affiliates with UKI Hospital in order to ensure people's health.

For more information, click here http://fk.uki.ac.id/ 

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business provides various "Applied Approach" of learning method. This Faculty has some learning facilities and laboratories, including Computer Laboratory, Quantitative Laboratory, Tax Centre and Exchange Corner.

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Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences offers:

-International Relations (Accredited A by BAN-PT)

-Political Science

-Communication Studies

The accomplishment of Faculty of Social and Political Science :
1. The faculty cooperates with various domestic and international agencies, such as Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Indonesian-European Studies Consortium, Erasmus European commission, CNN Indonesia, Persatuan Intelegensia Kristen Indonesia (PIKI), Local Government of North Toraja District, Indonesian Political Science Association (AIPI), and King's College.
2. With complete facilities
3. The faculty has study center institutes, such as IAS,CESFAS, CMCS, and Centre for Regional Autonomy Studies.
4. The faculty has 5 (five) foreign language courses, such as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and ASEAN Language.

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Faculty of Letters and Languages

Faculty of Letters and Languages offers:

-English Literature

-English Education

-Mandarin Education

Faculty of Letters and Languages offers interesting student activities such as performing arts and music creations, debate competitions, excursions to TV stations and mass media and many more.

For more information, click here http://sastra.uki.ac.id/ 

Faculty of Law

(Accredited A by BAN-PT)

The faculty provides various supporting facilities, such as:
1. Legal Aid Centres
2. Legal Laboratories
3. Legal Research Centres
4. Moon Court Room

The faculty cooperates with Directorate of General criminal Investigation Department of Metro Jaya Regional Police in the field of advocacy.

The study program in the Faculty of Law is Law Studies with several specialization programs, namely:
1. Civil Law
2. Constitutional Law
3. Criminal Law
4. State Administration Law
5. International Law
6. Economic Law
7. Legal Practitioner

For more information, click here http://fh.uki.ac.id/ 

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering offers:

-Mechanical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Civil Engineering

Faculty of Engineering cooperates with several top and big agencies in Indonesia and abroad such as PT Astra Agro Lestari and Karishure University in Germany (for lecturers and students exchanges). Scholarship funds in collaboration with Alumni of Faculty in Engineering are also available for the most outstanding students given every year based on the results of semester academic evaluations.

For more information, click here http://ft.uki.ac.id/ 

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education offers:

-Guidance and Counselling
-Mathematics Education
-Biology Education
-Christian Education
- Physics Education
-Chemistry Education

Faculty of Teacher Training Education offers CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) system and Blended Learning by developing a Competency Qualification Framework with a practical laboratory, which works with several companies and government agencies.

The excellences of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of UKI:
1. The faculty has complete facilities, such as Computer Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Mathematics Laboratory, and Guidance & Counselling Laboratory
2. The faculty has some collaboration with various schools, universities, companies, institutions, and organizations in Indonesia and abroad.

For more information, click here http://fkip.uki.ac.id/ 

Faculty of Vocational Studies

Faculty of Vocational Studies offers:




-Tax management

Faculty of Vocational Studies supports the applicational of vocational expertise and entrepreneurship in the fields of health, management, and business. The faculty serves students with competencies and good manners to compete at the national and ASEAN level.

The Faculty collaborates with UKI Hospital to support students learning process in Nursing and Physiotherapy Study Programs.

The faculty offers internship programs for students with official certificates from Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise in Banking Certified Internship Programs and Emergency Certificates for Nursing.

For more information, click here http://vokasi.uki.ac.id/ 


Graduate Programs

It is located on Diponegoro Street, Salemba, Central Jakarta. Diponegoro Campus is for Graduate and Doctoral Programs. The campus offers 6 Master's Degrees and 2 Doctoral Degrees.

For more information, click here: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/ 

Master of Administration Education

For more information, contact: Widya Pasaribu +6823-6472-7878

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/104 

Master of Law 

For more information, contact: Claudia +62812-8708-0070

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/105 

Master of Christian Education

For more information, contact: Roma Laura Hutapea +62812-6735-6293

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/109 

Master of Management 

For more information, contact: Metho Poltak Sihombing +62822-7238-8083

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/110

Master of Electrical Engineering

For more information, contact: Roy +62877-1178-3134 

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/111 

Master of Architecture

For more information, contact: Rani Sibarani +62812-6005-6889

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/112 

Doctor of Christian Education

For more information, contact: Gilbert Sagala +62819-0683-6730

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/282 

Doctor of Law

For more information, contact: Dewi +62852 2279 5992

visit: http://pascasarjana.uki.ac.id/page/291